Merigoa isn't the America you're used to. For one thing, New York is New Amsterdam, the FBI is the FIA, and you're more likely to catch celebrities singing at the World Series than the Superbowl. For another, there are demons.

As one of Merigoa's most respected, most feared, and most empowered law enforcement agencies, the department of Demonology, Perfidy and Security is tasked with mitigating the demonic threat and prosecuting those who collude with demons. But the job takes agents of the DPS into close contact with demons, and to the ragged edges of law, propriety, and personal conviction.


Patreon is a crowdfunding service which connects creative types and their audiences. Basically, members of the public (such as yourselves!) sign up to give me a certain amount of money for each thing I create and release. (If you wanted to make sure you didn't go over-budget, you could set a maximum: say, you wanted to give me $5 per work, but didn't want to spend more than $15 on me per month. Set up a maximum, and even if I wrote ten things that month, you wouldn't get overcharged.) Then, I dance – er, write – for my sponsors' amusement.

Putting out fiction through Patreon isn't something I see as replacing my work in traditional publishing. Instead, I see it as focused on a different writing niche –  for example, with Patreon, I can solicit prompts from people who like my work, and then write to those promps and release the finished works. I can also publish fiction which doesn't run to the tastes of various editors, or which might exceed their length limits, or might be more experimental or junk-food reading in nature.

Although this fiction is funded through Patreon, it isn't restricted to Patreon sponsors – it will remain free for anyone to read online.

To sponsor me, visit my Patreon page!

Shared Worlds

Sandbox worlds with a focus on community engagement. Authors are encouraged to write works in these universes, as engaged fandoms have done with various canons since time immemorial (or at least times pre-internet). However, the canons comprised by these works are released under a Creative Commons + license which allows authors to publish and commercialize their transformative works, so long as they release the same rights to other creators downstream.

Because of its focus on community, and because fandom is often at its best when it's supporting its members, one primary source of new Shared Worlds material is fundraiser challenges, wherein donors purchase prompts, which I write to their specifications. The money raised can be directed to members of the community who are facing financial challenges and have turned to crowdfunding to help.

I do my best to keep my fiction freely available online. If you appreciate it and want to support my work, consider buying me a virtual cup of tea! Contributions enable me to spend more of my time creating content for you to enjoy, and I deeply appreciate every one.