Merigoa isn’t the America you’re used to. For one thing, New York is New Amsterdam, the FBI is the FIA, and you’re more likely to catch celebrities singing at the World Series than the Superbowl. For another, there are demons.

As one of Merigoa’s most respected, most feared, and most empowered law enforcement agencies, Demonology, Perfidy and Security is tasked with mitigating the demonic threat and prosecuting those who collude with demons. But the job takes agents of the DPS into close contact with demons, themselves, and to the ragged edges of law, propriety, and personal conviction.

Prompt Responses

A Building Faded to Quiet, August 2013

Written to the prompt "Long Hours", and Ai's question, "Who works the hardest at DPS, and is it at a desk or elsewhere?" This is all working toward an eventual goal of solidifying Breaux's character without accidentally making him the Doctor, and solidifying Kaede's character, which will almost certainly be that of a hardboiled DPS veteran who also happens to be a 5'3" mixed-ethnicity Asian-Merigoan woman.

One of these days, I'll also figure out what I'm doing with those pesky non-Merigoan countries, as well.

Bear Claws and Bad Jokes, August 2013

Written to the prompt "Secrets," and Layla's question, "How much of what they do can the DSP agents share with their families?"

Incident Procedure, August 2013

Written to the prompt "Murder," and Layla's question, "Are there circumstances under which killing a demon is considered murder? (Or: do the DPS agents think of killing demons as murder?)"

Mostly Harmless, December 2013

Written to the prompt "Defenseless" and Ai's question: "Can a demon be considered "defenseless" and will an agent still take them out regardless, if they encounter them?"

Six Perspectives, August 2013

Written to the prompt "Hell," and Layla's question, "Characters of different religious backgrounds at the DSP argue over whether the demons come from actual, literal Hell or not. (Or, what's the official stance on that?)"

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