Let's make you a bingo card!

Input a comma-separated list of at least 24 values.

If one of your values needs a comma, use the HTML code , in place of the comma within the value.

Or choose one or more of these:

(You can also edit these lists in the editor above, after loading them.)

Configuration Options Allow repeated values for lists with fewer than 24 items?


(Or choose transparent: )

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FREE SPACE    WILD CARD    (Normal prompt)    (Other):

Here's a default card to show you what it'll look like. (Scroll down for the HTML.)

46 70 30 44 33
65 59 56 38 45
35 42 FREE SPACE 73 15
26 4 13 50 25
23 67 22 64 68

And here is the code:

Got lists? Additions? Bugs?

If you have some good general-use lists that you want to see added, leave me a note (or the full comma-separated list) at my DreamWidth post! (Note that, at the moment, there's a bug where any commas – even the HTML-entity escaped ones (and even ones which escape the ampersand on that entity!) are loading as commas, so commas within values of pre-made lists don't work. I've been replacing them with slashes, dashes, and ellipses until I can get the bugs worked out.)

I may not take all lists, but I'll do my best to add ones that it seems like many people will find a use for.

If you have suggestions for additions to existing lists, or there are features you'd like to see, feel free to comment on that post as well! Again, I can't guarantee that all suggestions will be implemented, but I'll do my best to make this a usable resource.

Bug reports, unsurprisingly, should also go there.

Known bugs:


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