Let's make you a bingo card!

Input a comma-separated list of at least 24 values.

If one of your values needs a comma, use the HTML code , in place of the comma within the value.

Or choose one or more of these:

(You can also edit these lists in the editor above, after loading them.)

Configuration Options Allow repeated values for lists with fewer than 24 items?


(Or choose transparent: )

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FREE SPACE    WILD CARD    (Normal prompt)    (Other):

Here's a default card to show you what it'll look like. (Scroll down for the HTML.)

63 46 54 24 10
68 29 7 6 72
45 62 FREE SPACE 27 19
67 43 26 16 58
1 59 8 28 75

And here is the code:

Got lists? Additions? Bugs?

If you have some good general-use lists that you want to see added, leave me a note (or the full comma-separated list) at my DreamWidth post! (Note that, at the moment, there's a bug where any commas – even the HTML-entity escaped ones (and even ones which escape the ampersand on that entity!) are loading as commas, so commas within values of pre-made lists don't work. I've been replacing them with slashes, dashes, and ellipses until I can get the bugs worked out.)

I may not take all lists, but I'll do my best to add ones that it seems like many people will find a use for.

If you have suggestions for additions to existing lists, or there are features you'd like to see, feel free to comment on that post as well! Again, I can't guarantee that all suggestions will be implemented, but I'll do my best to make this a usable resource.

Bug reports, unsurprisingly, should also go there.

Known bugs:


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